Tosakure Bonito Food CultureTosakure Bonito Food Culture

Why is Tosakure Bonito so good?

"Tosa bonito pole-and-line fishing'' has a history and tradition of 400 years, and "TosaKure" is a place where that history and bonito fishing continues unbroken.
The Kure district of Nakatosa Town is the town where you can eat the most delicious bonito in Kochi and Japan, centered around the Kure Taishomachi Market.
Why is the bonito from Kure Taishomachi Market said to be delicious?
There's a secret.
In fact, here there are professional fishermen who fish, fish stores who sell fish professionally, and townspeople who support them as professional eaters, creating Kure's unique bonito food culture.


Bonito Gastronomy

The components of gastronomy are ”production area, agriculture/fisheries, agricultural and marine products, distribution processing, chefs, cooking methods, food services, festivals/ceremonies, foodways, wineries/brewing, and food culture." The food culture of Tosakure includes all of these and is able to meet all the criteria.

It's not just gourmet food, it's real gastronomy here.


While the word cooking refers to the method of preparing ingredients, cooking refers to a comprehensive academic field that focuses on cooking and considers various cultural elements such as art, history, science, and sociology. This course considers the relationship between culture and cuisine, and researches everything from specific aspects such as ingredients, cooking, and taste, to the significance of meals and the practice of eating from a spiritual perspective.
Gastronomy tourism refers to tourism whose purpose is to enjoy food and experience food culture that has been nurtured by the ingredients, customs, traditions, and history of the local climate.


Tosakure Bonito
Gastronomy Tour

Kure Taishomachi Market is an arcade shopping street that is only about 40m long. The 120-year-old market has fresh fish shops, side dish shops, street stalls, and restaurants. After touring a nostalgic alley market in Japan, you will experience and eat straw grilling for yourself. Afterwards, we will take a stroll through the bonito fishing town. This is a tour where you can experience the bonito food culture comprehensively.

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Explanatory video

Eat up all the “Tosakure bonito”!

Variations of bonito dishes, sun-dried salt that goes well with bonito tataki,…

Professional fishermen treat bonito with great care.

Like admiring a precious gift from the mellow ocean.
“All for delicious bonito”

sales professionals < sellers at fresh fish stores > recognize goshi!

Kure's greatest strength lies in its history of 400 years spent cultivating the skills to select the delicious bonito.

Eating professionals < townspeople > forge their fresh fish shops daily!

The unbiased evaluation by this eating professional is that Kure fishermen and fresh fish stores continue to maintain a high level of quality.
This is the reason why we always deliver delicious bonito.

Bonito is loved to the bone!—SDGs-conformable bonito with no part to throw away.

No part of the bonito is thrown away.
The fish is then reborn, giving life to various living things.

Walking around Kure, a town covered in bonito.

votive pictures of bonito, manholes, bonito monaka (bean‐jam‐filled wafers)
A trip to Kure is full of bonito from start to finish.

Even frozen bonito is delicious, thanks to new technologies! Enjoy seared bonito on EC.

in recent years, the “new freezing technology” promoted by local governments and fresh fish stores jointly resulted in a seared frozen bonito at par with the non-frozen type.

Development of sun-dried salt that goes well with seared bonito.

A sun-dried salt, produced using only sunlight, without using energy such as thermal power or electricity, is an environmentally and physically friendly salt.
We have also developed salt specifically for searing bonito.

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